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It’s going to be ok..

Maybe you came to my blog today because your child, or yourself was just recently diagnosed. Maybe you suspect it, and want more information. Maybe you’re not new to Ehlers Danlos, but you’re heart is feeling it right now. You’re at a new crossroad with it, and you don’t know where to turn, what to … Continue reading It’s going to be ok..

“It makes me special..”

A few nights ago Mason came out of his room, after I tucked him into bed. He wanted to talk, just us in the quiet, after everyone else had gone to bed. This doesn’t happen often, because he’s a kid of very few words, especially words that aren’t related to Minecraft or Roblox! I relished … Continue reading “It makes me special..”

One week in..

It’s been a bit since I have written. It’s been such a long two weeks. Mason was deep into a flare up, and we were getting worried. It was the longest flare up he has had. He wouldn’t walk, he was very quiet and very calm. Mason typically is a fidgety kid. He has sensory … Continue reading One week in..

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