Information on how to help..

If you want to find a quick reference for all the ways we have set up that you can help Mason get his service dog, I’m going to list them all here. Feel free to share this post directly. We will be updating this page frequently as more information comes to us!

All of the donations made by all of you amazing people, and Vans Tires helped us reach our first Go Fund Me goal. We made our goal as low as possible because we never imagined it would ever be met! We are so thankful, and want to assure you that anything made beyond our $12,000 goal goes straight towards anything Mason and his Dog will need. Extra needed training, grooming, veterinary care, food, equipment, treats etc. Which can be so costly, so any help towards that will make a huge impact for us! This is our link

Tshirt sales from A-1 sports that will be open until August 16 –

Advanced Performance crossfit will be hosting a fundraiser on August 8. This is private members only event. Tshirt sales are closed to the public as of july 31.

Water Main grille is hosting a fundraiser that has been sponsored by Kimmel heating and cooling, and Vans tires. August 9 from 4-8 pm will be carry out dinner. You can start your orders by 2pm that day to avoid missing out! 110% of the proceeds go to Mason getting his service dog! Come get an amazing meal! My husband and I will be there taking orders and bringing it out to cars! We can’t wait to thank each of you in person!

Valley Cafe and Dolce will be selling dog biscuits! proceeds will go to Mason getting his service dog! A donation of $5

August 23 Sub Station will be hosting a fundraiser from 3-6 pm. There will be more details on this night to come! There will be a raffle and some great prizes, and live music from a wonderful local musician!

We are incredibly thankful for everyone who has helped and donated. We are blown away by the kindness of everyone. You are truly helping to change Masons life. Thank you for not only helping Mason get his service dog, but to help us go into the responsibility of owning a service dog more prepared, financially! We never imagined we would have so many amazing people stepping up to help our family!


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