The Giving Tree..

Tonight my youngest came running to my husband Bryan to read him the “book that has daddy on the back of it”! Shel Silverstein with his bald head and beard on the back of the book resembles my husband. He also has a bald head and beard lol. As long as I can remember ” The Giving Tree” has always been one of my all time favorites.

I have loved reading it to my kids, and sometimes crying. The days where I felt like I had given all I had, then I would read this book, and it put it so perfectly. They have never really asked any questions about the book before, tonight though I listened in while my husband read to them.

“Daddy why does the tree keep saying shes happy when shes giving away everything she has?” Bryan said, It’s kind of like how Mommy and Daddy would give up anything and everything if it meant you would be happy and safe. We would do anything to make sure you have everything you need in life. This answer satisfied the kids, and they happily listened to the rest of the book.

It got me thinking though, as parents we really do give it all. We would give everything for our kids, for their happiness, their well being, truly anything. One day you’re young and care free, never could imagine there would be a day when you would be willing to give up your life for another human being. Be willing to sacrifice everything for them. Then you bring this beautiful person in the world, and suddenly you know you would give up your entire life, if it meant it would save them on single day of heartache.

When they’re small, you can hold them and rock them, and tell them over and over again how deep your love is. You don’t truly know who they are going to be yet in their life, but while they are a total stranger, you also know and love every single thing about them. It’s such a strange emotion. As they grow up and you watch them change into these little people, they have their own thoughts, and feelings. You realize how truly amazing their little minds and souls are.

How lucky are we to a part of shaping these little people into big people, who grow up and have so many things to contribute to our world. The things you have instilled in them, the way you have set the examples, and taught them along the way. What a privilege it is to be able to love as deeply and whole heartedly as we do for our children.

I never want to forget how lucky I am, how privileged I am to be raising three amazing humans. The endless amounts of forgiveness for when I mess up. I mean kids are the most forgiving people, I am so thankful they give me so much grace, because I mess up everyday. I apologize frequently, because I get angry and overwhelmed. I yell, I overreact, and sometimes I don’t stop and listen to the little things. I don’t want to watch them grow up and move away, and forget all the small and big joys they bring to me daily.

These days seem so endless when they’re young, but they aren’t endless. The days where they are home, and needing you for so many things, and wanting an extra snuggle, wanting to tell you every little thing they are doing. Yelling from the bathroom that they need help, when they want their 100th snack of the morning. They are slowly coming to an end. One day, they won’t ask to be held any more, you won’t notice it at first. Then one day, you remember when it’s all they asked for.

“The days are long but the years are short..”

“and the tree was happy..”


2 thoughts on “The Giving Tree..

  1. Tiffany you said it so wonderful!!! I’m so proud of my three kids. If I could write the words the way you do. I would have said everything you just said. I miss it all but I love the adults my children have become. The wonderful thoughtful kind loving humans. I hope I had a little to do with it. All my love


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