Being the people deserving of these gifts..

Its early in the morning, I’m sitting and enjoying my coffee in a very quiet house while everyone is still asleep. It’s given me time to really reflect on the last few weeks. I’m crying tears of pure joy. It could be the fact that I have actual quiet time, with hot coffee that has intensified my grateful heart this morning. Let’s be real, quiet time in the house is extremely rare!

We reached out and asked our community, and complete strangers to help us. Help our son, and our family. Getting Mason a service dog was something we thought was going to be out of our reach. We were coming up with ways we could figure out how to pay for his dog, on top of medical bills and our daily bills. It didn’t seem realistic. We thought it would be long shot, to even come close to making the money on a Go Fund Me. We set our goal low, and our expectations even lower. We by far underestimated the community we live in. We considered cancelling our fundraisers because we hit our Go fund me goal. We talked to family and friends, and the businesses hosting, and they all assured us that we shouldn’t. That the first initial cost of the dog, would not be enough. If we are able to raise the funds to continue to help make sure we have all of the things they would need would help us tremendously. We have worried, and lost sleep over what to do. We were so afraid to come across as greedy, or not thankful for what we have already received. Not only have we met our minimum goal, but we have businesses that are still rallying around us to make sure we have exceeded our goal, to help pay for the cost of owning a service dog. I talked to the owner of a business yesterday that is doing a fundraiser for us, and they just blew me away. They didn’t want to stop just because our first goal was met, they wanted to make sure we were set for future needs of Mason and his dog. I cried, and thanked them.

During all of this, we also months ago won a room makeover. She’s local, and runs an amazing blog, and we were nominated by a few people to receive a room makeover. Her and some other local moms came yesterday to not only makeover our bedroom, but our two older kids room also. She is almost all finished in our room, and it is beautiful. Bryan and I have never purchased things to have a nice master bedroom. Our money always went to other things, bills, kids etc. Now walking into our room, it feels like an oasis. An escape from the sometimes so overwhelming days that we have. I can not wait to see how amazing our kids room turns out.

Sitting here yesterday while these women came in and gave our room a major facelift, I felt so consumed with gratitude. The last two weeks we have been given so much, and told so many times that we are deserving people of these blessings. It’s hard to accept that, what makes us deserving? Are we actually deserving of this? Have we done enough good to be on the receiving end of these amazing gifts? I don’t know, I hope. I hope we can re pay this feeling of intense feeling of gratitude to another family. Can we make sure that this not only changes our lives, but our kids lives as well? This happening to our family, while my kids are young, but old enough to try and understand that there are so many good people in this world. When the majority of what you see is bad, scary, hateful. Then this happens, and comes at a time when you so desperately needed to see and be reminded of the amazing things that can happen.

4 thoughts on “Being the people deserving of these gifts..

  1. You are so deserving!!! You two are amazing and deserves this and more. May God always bless you and my amazing Grandkids. I love you and pray daily that God will bless us with a job and a home there so we can be there to help you. I love you


  2. Y’all are so deserving of all the good 💗 you have been through a lot as a family through the years. Soak in all the good especially at these crazy times! xoxo


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