One week in..

It’s been a bit since I have written. It’s been such a long two weeks. Mason was deep into a flare up, and we were getting worried. It was the longest flare up he has had. He wouldn’t walk, he was very quiet and very calm. Mason typically is a fidgety kid. He has sensory processing disorder, and he is sensory seeking a lot. Usually one of the first signs for a flare up, is calmness. He will sit very still and doesn’t have a lot to say. It also helps us see when a flare up is on it’s way out. He will start to get up, move around, and be a bit more fidgety. I never thought I would be excited to see one of my kids fidgety and loud! ha.

Last week, on Thursday, he got hinged AFO braces! He was so excited to get them. He picked out an awesome “digital camo” print, orange straps, and a picture of scooby doo on the back of each. (He has never watched scooby doo, he says it’s only because he loves dogs so much!) We found some awesome shoes that said they would fit AFO braces. We were set, and ready to see how much they changed his life!

Brace day came, he was still not walking much due to pain, so I was not sure the day would be easy. The braces were even cooler in person, and Mason said “why would I wear boring braces like these (his blue compression braces) when I could wear the coolest braces like these?!” We got the braces on, realized his new shoes would not fit his AFO’s. The orthotist put on the shoes he brought, Mason was immediately disappointed because these shoes just were not as cool as his other ones.

His first day in braces, was to put it lightly, horrible. He hated them, he was so disappointed by his shoes, and the fact that the braces were not comfortable, and he had to eventually wear them all day. His feet were hot, he has to wear shoes all day with the braces. They were hard to walk in, and he just felt so defeated that day.

Day two, we came up with a reward system for easing him into them. We also, with the help of a few awesome friends, got him two pairs of new shoes that are pretty cool! (new balance extra wide in red, and we are waiting on the other pair, hopefully they fit!) We also found some socks for under AFO’s. (smartknitKids seamless sensitivity socks, they were a lightening deal on Amazon, so they were about $16 for a pack of 3! They are very soft, and moisture wicking!) He was way more positive about wearing the braces. By day 3, he was able to wear them all day, no complaints. He was walking better, obviously moving with more ease and more control of his body, not to mention, his knee was looking so much better!

Today, we are on day 5. He wears them all day. We have some struggles. Sensory wise, when they come off, he is sensory seeking non stop. Its like he can all of a sudden move again, and he can not stop moving for over an hour. We have noticed an increase in his back pain, but I think that it may just be because his body is in a better alignment, and he needs to adjust. Fingers crossed to it being that simple at least.

Hoping as the next few weeks go on, the braces continue to offer support, and helps avoid flare ups for awhile. He starts aquatic therapy next week, and between the two, I’m hoping he has some relief.

Thanks for following along on our journey with us,

until next time,